August 21, 2022

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Incoming! The start of Fall season, and the end of Summer, which was three months long! Did it feel like three months to you? Though the three months were well spent with visits to the beach, a week’s worth vacation, and many sips of mint lemonade with a tablespoon or two of sugar. Though it’s not all about the rest, but also about progress. I feel that I’ve made a lot of it over the summer, not only mentally but also physically, such as visiting the gym and getting the exercise. Mentally, hanging out with friends, talking more, laughing more, keeping a schedule of visiting the gym, reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and journaling. I’ve also kept learning new things in programming, I translated a mini Magic 8 Ball code from Python to Java which helped me refresh my memory. Physically, I’ve been visiting the gym, being mindful of hydration, and sleeping for 7+ hours a day. I feel ready to go back to school and meet new people maybe that are interested in the same field as I am, or share the same interests.

I have a pretty good bag that I usually keep my belongings in. My laptop, notebooks, books, a water bottle, though it gets pretty heavy with just the laptop and a couple of notebooks. My solution, wear thicker layers, maybe tighten the straps so the backpack is nice and tight to your back. That way, it isn’t hanging. It feels way lighter then.

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July 7, 2022